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Our Beliefs

We believe God loves all people and seeks us out in grace and mercy

We believe in the Triune God--Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We celebrate two sacraments -- baptism and holy communion. Our communion services are open to all, members or not.

We observe four guidelines for Christian living:

We believe God cares for our welfare and for the world here and now. Generations of Methodists have created schools and universities, built hospitals and retirement homes, cared for people in need of all ages, and engaged in works of peace and justice.

We are known from Darfur to Afghanistan, from Louisiana to Lake Tahoe. Locally, you can find us serving once a month at the Greater Richmond Interfaith Program’s Souper Center. In the late summer we'll buy backpacks and school supplies for students who need a hand. Christmas we give presents for youth in county detention facilities. Throughout the year, we engage in community life and ministry with many faiths and traditions.

We are the United Methodist Church, 10 million people in 125 countries, praising God for the diversity of the human family, showing forth God’s love in the world, bringing hope in the name of Christ.

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